Because we want your repeat business, we keep our prices affordable with no hidden fees, and have an easily understandable pricing structure.

About Our Company

Make Your Dream Come True

As a commercial and residential sector company, we are dedicated to providing meaningful solutions to our customers with certified usability for companies and homes seeking to renovate, remodel, restore or build spaces and areas that greatly increase their satisfaction.

Our Mission

Developing ourselves with innovation while offering advice and excellence on our products at a reasonable price through our trained work team to make our customers’ dreamed projects a reality.

Our Vision

We project ourselves as the leading company in home remodeling projects with unbeatable prices, expert advice on our products, and the best quality standards.

Benefits of Choosing Us

• We are your all-in-one store!
• Find all you need to remodel or build your home.
• We manage city permits for you.
• Our own approved and certified installers team.
• We are general contractors.

A fast and Quality Work

Our professional work team carries out each project in the most suitable order, so each task or project can be completed quickly with quality, achieving this way some great benefits such as:

- Having control over each project
-Delivering estimates or projects to customers at the least time possible. - Timing each project or task more precisely.

Costumer Support

Our support lines are always available! Call us, email us or check us out on social media!
-Estimates: One day max waiting time.
-Delivery time for estimates: 8 hours max
-Project start: 5 to 15 days after the invoice is created

Our go - Beyond - Conventional - Strategy

Luxury Tile 4 Less takes care of its customers with a loyalty program that lets them accumulate LUXURY MONEY with each purchase and enjoy additional benefits such as exclusive deals, having this way a successful customer orientation and setting a clear corporate responsibility example.

Our Business Goals

  • Improving our productivity.
  • Providing the best customer service.
  • Drawing and keeping human talent.
  • Reaching the right customers.
  • Maintaining the company’s core values.
  • Improving our profitability while keeping affordable prices